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Our Puppies

Pet Express is committed to the highest levels of dedication to its puppies and the on going support to the families that decide to take on the responsibility of a new puppy. Through the most comfortable, crate free, temperature controlled cages, a state of the art ventilation system, on staff veterinary care, and lots of attention Pet Express succeeds in providing the happiest, healthiest puppies in New England. We spare no expense in the care of the pets in our care and love them as if they were our own. We are confident that your Pet Express experience will be both memorable and enjoyable! Click Here for the American Kennel Club’s complete list of AKC Recognized Breeds.

Why choose a Pet Express puppy:

  1. All Puppies are purchased through USDA certified, trained, and inspected Breeders/Dealers.
  2. All Puppies are Microchipped with LostMyPet.com (the latest form of permanent identification).
  3. One year Health Guarantee (alleviating the cost of treating any contagious illnesses, some restrictions may apply).
  4. Three year Hereditary Warranty (protecting you in the case of a genetic problem).
  5. Lifetime guarantee through our loyalty program (see store for details).
  6. FREE office visit (within 14 days of purchase) with participating veterinarians.
  7. Training Program.
  8. Low cost spay/neutering certificate.
  9. FREE first “tubby time” in our “Pet Spa” to be used within the first 30 days of taking your new puppy home, the second one is 50% off, the third one is 25% off, and 10% off for life at Healthy Pet Puppy Spa in our Lynn Store. Additional fees may apply.
  10. Pure Breeds include registration forms for one or more of the various kennel clubs (AKC, ACA, APR, etc) The pedigree will also list any DNA certifications, Orthopedic Foundation for Animals certifications (OFA), and/or champions in the bloodline if any.
  11. Mixed Breeds (and “Unregistered purebreds”) are always available.

PLEASE be advised that we can not “hold” puppies or take deposits on them. Our puppies find homes fast (and yes, they ALL find good homes), so if you or one of your family members fall in love be advised to make your purchase as soon as you make the decision to take a new pet home. We guarantee 100% Health at the time you take your new pet home and the full puppy package that is normally provided.

We’re in the business of selling pets and in keeping our customers happy. Pet Express will do whatever it can to aid in the puppies transition to its new home,  in advising its’ new family in its’ current needs and of its’ continued care throughout it’s life.  Please rest at ease, our products lie on shelves not in cages! Pet Express has succeeded because of the high quality of care in which it gives its pets and in the way in which it advises customers to do and buy the things that they themselves would do and buy for their own pets!